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In addition to the price of floor selection in 2019, which points should be considered?

In 2019, many products in our life have started or completed the "equipment" upgrading plan. If you want to ask, what are the upgrades of wood flooring? I really want to talk with you. In this way, you can choose the floor, but don't just look at the price. The following points should be paid more attention to.
1、 Green environmental protection

In fact, green environmental protection has always been the demand of our consumers, but in recent years, as the "post-80s" and "post-90s" have gradually become the main consumer groups in the household industry, consumers' requirements for home environment are also higher and higher.

Similarly, the production technology of wood flooring industry is constantly upgrading, and the products are also more quality and environmental protection. Solid wood composite, laminate floor is no longer the original appearance, more "zero" formaldehyde environmental protection products into everyone's field of vision, in the past, we all think that only solid wood flooring can meet the requirements, but now, the selection range is wider.

Warm tips: work is too busy. Parents in the home instead of decoration partners, must tell the family this: choose the floor to choose environmental protection!
2、 High quality and service

High quality is the basis of consumers' choice, and high service is a "bonus" for everyone's satisfaction. This is also why many brands improve product quality, but also do not forget to upgrade services.

Just like the floor positioning, high quality and high service, from the place where the brand was established to now, we still adhere to the business tenet of quality first and service first, constantly develop new products, integrate modern fashion elements, and integrate with international decoration style art.

Focus on the environmental protection performance, quality and service of products. I believe that all of you will not choose too bad. However, the details still need to be seen, or combined with their own needs, regardless of the product price or product type.