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How to choose the performance, material and appearance of home decoration flooring

The ground material chooses four key points, the ground may be said to be "pivotal" in the home decoration, and the ground material's variety is many, the wooden floor, the ceramic tile, the carpet, how should choose?
First, it is about the design style that I like and whether I have special needs. Generally speaking, a little older, like solid wood flooring, the cost, in how drop, also have to save to buy solid wood floor. If you have an old man in your family, you can still satisfy this wish. After all, what do you want in life? What is the reward of nurturing? Chinese virtues must be maintained
Second, there are solid wood plots, but the cost budget is indeed a problem, so we can consider solid wood composite flooring. It has a solid wood appearance. Although the foot feel can not be compared with the solid wood floor, the difference in cost is acceptable. After all, the cost performance of shopping must be considered. From the solid wood and solid wood composite floor unit price and installation is different, the cost difference is also very big. The installation of solid wood floor and keel and other accessories, but also add 40 yuan, that is to say, do not calculate the difference in the price of the floor, the unit price above the installation has a price difference of about 40 per square meter. If it's 50 square meters, the installation cost of 2000 yuan has already come out.
Third, there is no material requirements, do not consider the elderly, the style needs to be modern and bright, then you can use laminate flooring. Laminate floor is like a printer. What style is needed? As long as the manufacturer thinks that someone will buy this style, it will produce it. Therefore, the choice of laminate flooring in decor and color is very large. We need to rely on brand, environmental protection and quality. After all, there are still many kinds of artificial things to play with. It depends on how to play them. Although not as good as food safety, but as a tool for chronic suicide, it can still be done.
Fourth, in fact, bamboo flooring has been out for many years, but it is not well recognized in some areas. Moreover, many people have a habit of thinking, that is, bamboo is easy to grow insects, bamboo is easy to deform, bamboo is easy to crack, and bamboo feels very cold. In fact, these problems are not problems. They are not problems when they are solved. It is a problem that we do not solve problems in the face of problems. The bamboo is degreased at high temperature, so the insects don't like it. The technological structure of bamboo floor can control the deformation. The application of bamboo floor technology can avoid cracking, and the bamboo floor feels cold, which is the problem of feeling. Although the thermal conductivity of bamboo floor is faster than that of bamboo floor, it has not reached the stage when bamboo floor is paved and the temperature is lower in winter. If this is the case, the air conditioner will not need to be bought.
Floor categories are commonly used at present, but there may be more derived from these four types, but the basis is like this, some are gimmicks, some are indeed improved, some are pure foolishness.
Other cases that is cork floor, PVC floor those got, just specific case specific need type.
Before talking about the preliminary floor purchase ideas, so now about a variety of materials after the installation of some of the situation. Some special circumstances can not use some materials or need some special requirements, this can also be understood.
Aggrandizement floor thickness is general 8 millimeter and 12 millimeter, when construction next mat on a layer of moistureproof mat to go. In addition to the possible unevenness of the ground, after the completion of laying, 8mm becomes 1cm, 12mm becomes 14mm, which can be calculated in this way.
The general thickness of solid wood composite floor is 12 mm and 15 mm. According to what has just been said, the height after laying is basically 14 mm and 17 mm.
The solid wood floor is related to the size of the keel, so after laying, if the keel is 3 * 4, plus the thickness of the floor, it is basically 5 cm high. The same is true for bamboo flooring.
These dimensions for the room and living room different floor materials, a height difference after construction, first understand in mind, and then according to the error level, see how to adjust the height difference or change materials. Some older family members or have very small children, will pay more attention to this aspect.
Including the height of the skirting line when purchasing the floor, it is best to have a bottom in mind. The general skirting line height is about 75 mm, depending on the type you choose, there will be some difference.
Another one is what the living room uses? A lot of people are entangled, but there is nothing wrong with them. Now the room type, dining room and living room are all one, two kinds of floor materials, then we should consider how to use the top or side, design into two styles to reflect the overall style of different floor materials. In this case, if the room space becomes smaller and the room light is affected, the problem is not big. If it is affected, it is better to choose a material. So what kind of material? Tile or floor? Personal suggestion ceramic tile, in use and space feeling are relatively good. However, if it is a kind of Chinese pastoral style, it is still the floor. Therefore, design style and space design means, together with personal preferences, are important considerations.
Now let's talk about how to buy solid wood flooring. There are many kinds of wood species of solid wood floor, and the price difference is also very big. In terms of color, red, dark, light, wood grain, large pattern, straight stripe, etc. So the first one is to choose which kind of wood grain, which is related to the decoration style.
Chinese neutral color is the main color, similar to teak, rosewood, which can reflect the traditional Chinese style of the kind of stable and atmospheric style.
The modernist ones are lighter in color, such as oak, tiesu, etc. Between modern and atmospheric, then two wing beans are a good choice.
Because there are too many kinds of wood, and one kind of wood has many patterns, so it depends on the actual commodity.
Some families don't pay much attention to style. In terms of price, the most affordable ones are longan, Kangpaisi and Doudou. These prices are basically between 130 and 200.
Of course, there are non-standard floor specifications, standard plate, wide board. For different floors, the stability of floor characteristics must be considered.
First of all, the standard plate is 900, 910mm in length, 92-98mm in width, and 18mm in thickness. The floor within this range is called the standard plate.
The length of non-standard board is smaller than the specification just mentioned. Generally, there are 750 mm and 600 mm. There is also a width less than the above standard plate width called narrow plate, generally within 75-90mm.
Wide plate is the width of more than 110 mm, common 120, 125 mm.
Reasons for deformation of solid wood floor
Generally speaking, the use of more phenomenon is that the floor tile or arched, which is due to the floor caused by moisture. The reasons for floor damp are as follows:
(1) Moisture in the air (e.g. huangmeitian).
(2) The floor is not dry, and the keel is strengthened with cement.
(3) Keel, rough floor is too wet.
(4) Use water-based glue.
(5) The first floor and other humid environment have not been specially moisture-proof treatment.
(6) The section at the junction of stone ground and floor is not closed.
(7) Blisters (such as water pipe rupture, balcony water pouring back, etc.).
In addition, the product itself and improper construction will also cause arching. For example, improper drying treatment, insufficient curing, too low moisture content, too shallow back groove, insufficient expansion joints in construction, and too tight laying.