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How to choose solid wood multi-layer floor

What is solid wood composite floor
       The enterprise floor made of solid wood panel or veneer as surface layer, solid wood strip as core layer and veneer as bottom layer, and floor made of veneer as surface layer and plywood as base material. The name of floor tree species is determined by surface tree species.
       Solid wood composite floor is a kind of floor derived from the family of solid wood flooring. It is favored by many families for its natural woodiness, easy installation and maintenance, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, anti-bacterial and suitable for electric heating.

       Solid wood composite floor is divided into three-layer solid wood composite floor, multi-layer solid wood composite floor and multi-layer solid wood composite floor. Multi layer solid wood composite floor is commonly used in family decoration. The three-layer solid wood composite floor is made of three-layer solid wood veneer, and its surface layer is made of high-quality hardwood specification lath panel. The wood species are mainly oak, beech, birch, ash, etc; The core layer is composed of ordinary soft and miscellaneous wood strips, and the wood species are mostly pine and poplar; The bottom layer is rotary veneer. Poplar, birch and pine are used as wood species. The three-layer structure is made of rubber. The multi-layer solid wood composite floor is made of multi-layer plywood as the base material and the standard hardwood veneer panel or veneer as the panel.         The surface layer of solid wood composite floor is high-quality precious wood, which not only retains the characteristics of beautiful, natural, temperature regulation and elasticity of solid wood flooring, but also greatly saves the resources of high-quality precious wood. The surface is mostly coated with more than five layers of PU paint or UV paint, which not only has ideal hardness, wear resistance and scratch resistance, but also is flame retardant, smooth and easy to clean. The core layer is mostly made of fast-growing materials which can be felled in turn, and also can be made from a wide range of sources such as cheap small-diameter materials, various hard and soft mixed wood, etc., and it is not necessary to consider avoiding various defects of wood, so the yield is high and the cost is greatly reduced. Its elasticity, warmth retention and so on are no less than solid wood floor. Because it has all kinds of advantages of solid wood floor, it not only overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood floor, but also abandons the deficiency of laminate flooring, and saves a lot of natural resources. Therefore, for the future development trend of high-grade floor is bound to be solid wood composite floor.

Classification of solid wood composite flooring
1) According to the surface material:
Solid wood composite floor with solid wood panel as surface layer
Solid wood composite floor with veneer as surface layer
2) According to the structure:
Three layer solid wood composite floor
Solid wood composite floor based on plywood
3) According to whether the surface is painted or not
Painting solid wood composite floor
Uncoated parquet
4) According to the gloss of floor paint
Bright solid wood composite floor
Matte parquet
Advantages of solid wood composite floor
1) It inherits the characteristics of elegant, natural, comfortable foot feeling and good thermal insulation performance of solid wood floor. It overcomes the shortage of easy warping cracks of solid wood floor due to monomer shrinkage. It has good dimensional stability, and is insect proof, non combustion supporting and anti warping deformation. From the perspective of environmental protection forest resources, it is the replacement product of solid wood floor.
2) It has the advantages of convenient installation and maintenance of the laminate floor, and avoids the disadvantages of high formaldehyde emission and stiff foot feeling of the laminate floor. The high-grade solid wood composite floor adopts high-grade matt paint, which has high wear resistance and soft light. It is generally used in families without waxing and painting for several years, Solid wood composite floor uses more adhesives with lower formaldehyde emission, which is better for environmental protection.
3) Solid wood composite floor also has the biggest advantage of high processing precision, the surface layer, core layer, bottom layer of the process requirements are higher than other wood flooring, so the structure is stable and the installation effect is good.
The basic characteristic of solid wood composite floor is that the fiber of each layer board is crisscross. This not only offsets the internal stress of the wood (usually the more thorough the reduction of the internal stress of the single-layer ultra-thin), but also changes the unidirectional and isotropic characteristics of the wood, making the floor become isotropic. So the stability is quite good, not easy to deform, crack, make up for the shortage of solid wood floor in this respect.