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Why is Linyi's ecological board more and more unable to sell?

In recent years, especially since 2018, the once hot EcoBoard market has suddenly cooled down. Many factories cut production and then cut production. It's just that they can't sell, and even some factories that label baby rabbit minus half of their production capacity.

Looking at the inventory of a warehouse, facing more and more debts, many owners are at a loss. The reasons for this are as follows.

The rise of hardbound house repair market

As we all know, the board factory is inseparable from the real estate construction and decoration market. With the national housing and Construction Commission's rigid requirement that the new house must be hardbound before the house is handed in, the real estate developers all take action and require large furniture manufacturers to cooperate with it to provide cheap and high-quality boards. Among them, particleboard and high-grade wood veneer furniture board has become the first choice of these furniture factories. The price of ecological board is much higher than that of particleboard, and there is no wood veneer. Furniture board is beautiful, real and more popular. Especially in some high-end residential areas, such as Evergrande and Vanke, the use of wood veneer furniture board will make it more noble and more attractive to owners. This is also one of the main reasons why high-end furniture boards are popular at present.

There are more hardbound houses, which have been relying on the ecological board of the retail market. Naturally, there will be a lot less. This is also the reason why the ecological board of many building materials markets in China is suddenly unsalable.
Ecological floor board

A large number of eco board manufacturers have sprung up all over the country, especially in Guangxi

In the past, eco board originated in Linyi, and many well-known large factories, such as Qianshan, Fuda, Fumao and so on, are the biggest beneficiaries of the best-selling of eco board. However, the threshold of eco board production is too low. Any small factory can press and paste it with any press, and the Eco board has lost its mystery, Even if there are one or two ecological board factories in the county, these manufacturers serve the local furniture factories of thousands of households. Relying on the advantages of short distance and convenient service, they have occupied most of the ecological board market which belongs to Linyi. If they receive a small amount of ecological board orders, they can send the boards to the customers immediately, which is also the board factory in Linyi can't do.

Here, we should pay special attention to the impact of the large-scale rise of Guangxi ecological board factory on Linyi market.

In recent years, with the local governments at all levels in Guangxi regard promoting the development of wood industry as a major source of economic revitalization, the wood industry parks around Guangxi have developed vigorously, such as Guigang, Rongshui, Shanwei, Pubei and other places. The wood industry has also become the locomotive driving the local economy, especially Guigang, relying on cheap land and preferential taxes, It has attracted many large wood factories in China to settle here. They quickly seize the market by taking advantage of the local sufficient eucalyptus wood, advanced equipment and the geographical advantages close to Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hunan and Hubei. In the past, Guangdong, which used the most ecological boards, would purchase in Guangxi because of its proximity to Guangxi.

  Because of the cost problem, it costs 10-12 yuan to transport a piece of 18 cm multi-layer ecological board from Linyi to Guangzhou, while it only costs 3-4 yuan from Guangxi to transport to Guangzhou in Guangxi. Moreover, the eucalyptus wood needed by Linyi is also purchased from Guangxi thousands of miles away. Therefore, Guangxi's unique cost advantage is obvious. It also creates a group of sunshine like Rongshui, Junma of Guigang, Xinyuan of Shanwei, etc In the union of Pubei, these factories with a daily output of tens of thousands of ecological boards have risen rapidly.
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The change of home decoration market and the old-fashioned of plate factory

With the advent of the era of home furnishing and customization, the requirements for the style and innovation of panel are higher and higher. The era of woodworking door-to-door furniture has gone. In the past, carpenters like to use good processing of the ecological board, such as Malacca board. Now, the furniture factory most like to use is the multi-layer ecological board, which is also the reason for the sudden decline in sales of Malacca ecological Board recently. It is a developing trend of customized furniture that decoration companies and furniture factories measure rooms on site, design drawings according to the owner's room type and personal preferences, place orders in the production workshop, and then install them at the owner's home. And this also requires our ecological board factory must produce innovative, fashionable and innovative ecological board.

However, many of our eco board factories are slow to respond to the market. All year round, they only produce a few old and non creative ecological boards, and they are not willing to spend money to replace fashionable steel plates. In the fierce market competition, they are not unexpected to lose. Well known manufacturers such as Tianxiang and HongMian in Guangdong Province rely on their ever-changing products to attract customers. At the same time, they are willing to invest. A piece of steel plate that suppresses the ecological board is worth more than 100000 yuan. Once they buy it, it is dozens of pieces. Therefore, their ex factory price of ecological board is more than ten yuan or even more than twenty yuan from ordinary manufacturers.

To sum up, compared with the price, we can't compare with Guangxi or particleboard. Compared with service, it can't compare with small factories. Compared with innovation, it can't compare with Guangdong ecological board factory. In the current situation of large-scale popularization of fine decoration, Linyi ecological board factory, which lacks competitiveness, is indeed thought-provoking!