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Analysis of the industry

Nature, life home and Mogan mountain have been making great efforts. Creative players, through three years of action and practice, have provided a reliable guarantee for product innovation and brand building in terms of ideology and organization, and achieved great success. The "unicorn" brand of floor and wall panel industry is forming.

Analysis and development of flooring industry

China's economy is in a period of rapid change. "Made in China 2025", "better life" and "new retail" and other new models and new thinking are profoundly affecting every industry, leading to changes in the relationship between upstream and downstream, competitive products and partners, online and offline, products and services, and the relationship between users and enterprises. A new era is coming. So as the "foundation" of the home furnishing industry, which trends are becoming reality? In addition to the development of the enterprise itself, lifers are enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings and bravely undertake social responsibilities. To establish a green industrial chain, starting from multiple links, create green standards, improve green index, and create a green, low-carbon and beautiful life. Life family and reader magazine continue to carry out public welfare activities such as "reading a book to children" to contribute to social development. As of April 2018, nature home has planted 22 ecological forests in 16 regions at home and abroad, with more than 700000 trees planted for public welfare and a planting area of more than 420000 square meters.
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Moganshan brand has come all the way from the floor. At present, it has formed a one-stop production and processing base for more than 10 kinds of decorative materials and finished home furnishings from forest cultivation and planting to production and management of ecological board, decorative veneer, plywood, blockboard, technology wood, floor, integrated home (wardrobe, cabinet, wooden door, stairs).

Creative players, through three years of action and practice, have provided a reliable guarantee for product innovation and brand building in terms of ideology and organization, and achieved great success. The "unicorn" brand of floor and wall panel industry is forming.

Since the 21st century, China's wood flooring production and sales have been rising. At present, there are more than 1200 enterprises engaged in the production of laminate flooring and solid wood flooring in China. In 2017, there were about 3000 enterprises engaged in wood flooring production and related industries in China, with 1 million employees and a total industrial output value of about 100 billion yuan. Incomplete statistics show that in 2017, the total sales volume of wood and bamboo flooring in China's flooring enterprises with a certain scale was about 415.2 million m2, with a year-on-year increase of 4.64%. From 2010 to 2015, the output of flooring industry basically maintained above 380 million square meters, and the output increased slightly from 2016 to 2017. According to preliminary statistics, the current output is about 430 million square meters. At present, the production and sales scale of wood flooring industry ranks first in the world. It is estimated that by 2020, the average penetration rate of wood flooring in big cities will reach about 30% - 35%, and that in small and medium-sized cities will exceed 15%. In the future, China's wood flooring industry will show an overall growth trend. It is estimated that by 2021, the sales revenue of China's wood flooring industry will be close to 130 billion yuan, and the market development space of wood flooring products is very broad.

Green floor is the trend, environmental protection transformation is inevitable

With the improvement of living standards and the enhancement of environmental awareness, the pursuit of green lifestyle is becoming a worldwide trend. The extensive development mode of flooring industry in China has made the environmental carrying capacity reach or close to the upper limit. It is necessary for domestic flooring enterprises to learn from the international scientific and environmental protection concept“ "Green" is a bright color that gives the flooring industry high added value and new vitality. If the flooring enterprises want to develop, environmental protection transformation is inevitable. The successful transformation of Shide flooring and Bondi flooring deserves our attention.

Shiyou flooring launched a full line of E0 environmental protection standards, external claims that solid wood composite flooring, laminate flooring all upgraded to E0 standard. Environmental protection has always been the main concern of the flooring industry, and now the requirements for environmental protection are not only for consumers, but also for the self survival of enterprises. The national environmental protection policy has fully explained this point. The event of great concern is the implementation of the environmental protection tax law, the initiation of environmental protection tax collection, and nearly 30 provinces and autonomous regions have announced the specific use tax of environmental protection tax on air pollutants and water pollutants. No matter which era, healthy living environment is always the common pursuit of people. Therefore, environmental protection is always the hot spot of flooring industry.

The concentration of industry brands has been continuously improved

The floor industry presents the trend of concentration to the dominant brand enterprises. On the one hand, advantageous enterprises can extend to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, such as strengthening the brand building, expanding the base material processing base and even the raw material forest base, so as to earn higher value-added profits. On the other hand, through the construction of efficient, high-quality, wide coverage of marketing channels to ensure that high-quality products to the market, to form an integrated advantage of production and marketing, and thus enhance market share.

The expansion of large shopping malls is speeding up, and high-end channels like first-line brands. Domestic home chain operators are the head channel in terms of market scale, brand awareness and operation ability. To cooperate with such channels is the main means for all enterprises to secure their first-line status. At present, the building materials market in many regions of China is large and small, and the brand is not concentrated relatively. In 2018, the two major domestic store giants, red star Macalline and incredibly home, took the lead in releasing the thousand store plan. In the future, these mainstream home furnishing chain stores will become the benchmark in the industry, forming a modern shopping center with concentrated brands and excellent brands.

Imported flooring has lost its advantages

At present, many people in China still rely on foreign environmental protection flooring brands. However, due to the homogenization phenomenon of imported flooring brands, the market tends to be saturated, and the cost of stores is rising, and the imported flooring brands are sinking into the second and third tier cities; Relevant institutions began to strengthen the supervision on the quality of imported flooring. For example, last year, four imported brands were exposed to be far inferior to domestic brands in a number of indicators. There are also media reports that some of the so-called imported brand flooring is actually produced by Chinese enterprises, and the aura of quality plus of imported brands begins to burst. Under the joint effect of the above factors, the development curve of the imported flooring brand has crossed the apex, and the image of "high-end" has been shaken. In 2018, with the further increase in the number of imported brands, the rapid sinking of channels, and the emergence of a large number of "100 yuan imported flooring", the national requirements for environmental protection have been improved, and the quality of domestic wood flooring has surpassed many foreign brands. Consumers will return to rationality, and the advantage of their superior status will be obviously weakened. Flooring industry brand
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Strategic transformation and upgrading

The industry resources accelerate to tilt, boosting the upgrading of solid wood flooring to solid wood geothermal flooring. Since its inception, solid wood geothermal flooring has a huge product strength and maturity. Many positive factors, such as the popularization and growth of floor heating and the concept of healthy and environmental protection consumption, are also promoting the concentration of industrial resources to geothermal categories, and the transformation of flooring industry is inevitable. Nowadays, geothermal heating has gradually become the mainstream of the market, and many flooring enterprises also follow the market closely and start to develop solid wood geothermal flooring series.

When many flooring enterprises choose big home or diversified and multi category strategy, Jiusheng flooring adopts brand focus strategy, focusing on the solid wood floor with advantages, and focusing on the development of floor heating solid wood floor. "Focusing on floor heating solid wood flooring is not our bet, but on the basis of sufficient market research in the early stage, we have full confidence in the development of this field," said Zhang Kai, chairman of Jiusheng flooring

On the one hand, the sales growth of solid wood flooring benefited from consumption upgrading, and some high-end demands began to release. On the other hand, with the continuous popularity of floor heating products by consumers, solid wood flooring has become the first choice of consumers because of its advantages of free formaldehyde. It is expected that in the future, with the continuous improvement of residents' living standards and the continuous improvement of consumers' demand for floor health and beauty, solid wood floor and solid wood composite floor will still be the two sub categories with the fastest growth rate in the flooring industry. As an old group of solid wood geothermal flooring manufacturers, opal has invested a lot of money in R & D for many years. Many other flooring brands have also begun to accelerate the transformation of solid wood geothermal flooring research.

Events worthy of attention: in June 2018, the branch of stone wood plastic environmental protection materials and products branch of forest products industry association was established, with 130 member units, including 6 rotating chairman units, including chanafuno wood industry (China) Co., Ltd., shuxiangmendi (Shanghai) aesthetic home Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan creative player home Co., Ltd. Stone wood plastic floor is considered to be cleaner, safer, hard, beautiful, waterproof and scratch floor, and easy to construct. It has developed rapidly in recent years. It is mainly used in kitchen, toilet, school, office building, shopping mall and other public places, as well as wall facing materials.

Another event is that in February 2018, the AQSIQ and the National Standards Commission approved the official release of the technical requirements for solid wood flooring for ground heating (hereinafter referred to as the national standard for solid wood flooring for floor heating). At present, there are at least 30 companies, including nature, Jusheng, Anxin, Shengxiang, which regard geothermal flooring as a strategic product or have already set foot in solid wood flooring products Life home, Pan American, hongnai, Shiyou, forest star, etc. Among them, Jiusheng company regards it as its main business, while some comprehensive big brands, such as nature and holy elephant, spare no effort to enhance the influence of categories.

Which is the future of the industry, brand extension or brand focus strategy? This is a subject that needs to be studied and verified for a long time. However, in the face of the current uncertain political and economic environment, the floor workers should try to see what the biggest problems the industry will encounter in the next 10, 20 and 30 years. If we predict that there will be such and other problems in the future, we will start to take action today, Formulate a development strategy suitable for ourselves, and then firmly aim at this direction. When problems arise, we can deal with them.

Prices continue to rise

The value of solid wood flooring has been seriously underestimated due to the price war. However, with the rapid tightening of export policies in log exporting countries, the contradiction between supply and demand of solid wood flooring brought about by the improvement of quality of life, the introduction of environmental protection tax, and the official increase of railway shipping container freight, the production costs of flooring enterprises continue to rise. As a resource of high-end products, solid wood flooring prices are imperative, the price of each brand space has disappeared. In 2018, the price of solid wood flooring continued to rise as the normal, and climbed to a new high.

Settlement of listed capital

Through listing and financing, the capital demand of enterprises can be solved fundamentally; At the same time, it can also help to establish and improve the modern enterprise system. In recent years, the brand war in the flooring industry has intensified. Many brands need to use capital to rapidly expand their scale and carry out diversified layout, so as to consolidate the position of the industry and shuffle other brands. Therefore, it has been a hot topic in the flooring industry to seek listing. In 2017-2018, many home furnishing enterprises, such as lile, Zhibang, mercury home textile, Mona Lisa, red star Macalline and Shengshi Leju, have been listed one after another, and the home sector has become a hot spot favored by capital. After the crazy listing of 11 home furnishing enterprises in 2017, only 3 home furnishing enterprises were successfully listed in 2018, with a sharp decrease in the number. 91% of the home furnishing enterprises showed a market value decline, and the total market value of 32 home furnishing enterprises dropped by 170 billion yuan. The market value of the industry leader has shrunk sharply, which brings great pressure to the enterprises waiting for listing. This low tide of listing will continue until 2019.

Younger design

In the traditional idea, the domestic floor is the representative of mature and stable, and the single color limits the personalized demand. The break of this concept is probably from the year 2015 when the imported flooring came with various styles and styles, which gradually changed and had a great impact on the domestic flooring brands. From this, we can also see that the elements that consumers like to insert into the floor product design and the operation of floor activity planning have a great role in promoting the whole floor brand. In terms of product design, the fashion and aesthetics of the products are directed towards the future consumer groups of the post-80s and 90s. In order to make the design more younger, the flooring enterprises should pay attention to the construction of the R & D team of flooring products to deal with the new market.

For example, five new series of creative players in 2019, highly reflecting minimalism and beauty: solid wood painting series; Laminate flooring - light grey years series; Casabella polygon series - hexagonal square brick, four corner square brick; Multi layer wide and long plate series; Casabella spelling; VSPC flooring series and so on are just in line with this trend. With more than 20 years of understanding of the building materials industry, Liu shuozhen, chairman of the board of creative players, has led the creative players to innovate continuously. With the innovative wall materials as their core products, advanced floor technology and high-end digital color painting technology, they boldly inject the art design of mix and match, color, personality and environmental protection, breaking through the boundary of traditional home decoration, which has been widely recognized by the market in recent years.