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Focus on why new Chinese style furniture still sells well in the market?

the grasses are tall and the nightingales are in the air. A new year has begun, and the furniture exhibition in March will begin one after another.

Looking back on 2018, in terms of furniture style, there are rising stars such as "light luxury style" and "industrial style", and many styles that have been warmly welcomed by consumers have gradually lost their original status in the market. In the face of the market cold wave, everyone wants to play a most stable safety card. At present, this card belongs to "new Chinese style".

Both the market and consumers are in favor of the new Chinese style. For example, the 41st Dongguan famous furniture exhibition is about to start. The first and second floors of hall 1 will be built into a new Chinese style brand hall, giving more opportunities to new Chinese style furniture enterprises.

From the new Chinese style furniture quietly popular, to today's "the city is full of new Chinese style", consumers' enthusiasm for the new Chinese style has never been reduced. This makes us have to raise this question again, that is, what are the deep-seated reasons behind the hot sales of new Chinese style?

Solid wood materials attract consumers

Data shows that most consumers prefer solid wood furniture. In 2018, Sina united with incredibly home and 13 industry associations jointly released the "2018 new middle class household consumption index report", which showed that 72% of consumers preferred solid wood materials, and some of them preferred high-grade mahogany. From Baidu Index, the daily average search volume of "solid wood furniture" in nearly 30 days is about 2000. After the Spring Festival, the daily search volume even reached 3000.
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"Solid wood furniture" keyword search results

As the earliest furniture material, solid wood has been popular among consumers. Panel furniture is difficult to imitate the real texture and texture of solid wood furniture. Glass, metal and other new materials will inevitably bring cold feeling. For young consumers, the first factors to consider when buying furniture are beauty, comfort and function, not price. Therefore, although the price of solid wood furniture is more expensive, the heat is always high.

Environmental protection is also a concern. The environmental protection storm in recent two years has sounded the alarm bell to the furniture industry, many panel furniture enterprises have made great efforts in environmental protection. But for most consumers, the concept of "solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly than panel furniture" is still very popular.

The value preservation and durability of solid wood furniture is also one of the important reasons for consumers to choose solid wood. With the increasing scarcity of mahogany and the rising price of black walnut, solid wood furniture not only has the use value, but also has the collection and investment value. The expensive solid wood material also meets the psychological needs of some consumers eager for "high quality life".

In addition, the manufacturing process of solid wood furniture is more complex than that of panel furniture. Contemporary consumers pursue quality life and pursue personalization, customization and handmade. The board furniture produced by assembly line is difficult to make them feel the "ritual sense" of life. They are more inclined to choose "mortise and tenon structure", "hand carving", "traditional handicraft" and other traditional cultural color design.

Price attracts dealers

In the case that the material is guaranteed, the new Chinese furniture has a higher gross margin. Furniture products are difficult to follow the sales model of low gross profit rate and high sales volume like FMCG, and increasing net profit rate is the way to survive.

The solid wood material, original design and cultural connotation of new Chinese style furniture have increased the premium for furniture products. Dealers and shopping guides are more willing to sell high premium furniture products to the market. Therefore, the new Chinese style furniture has always maintained a "hot sale" state.

Continuous improvement of original design level

If quality is the skeleton of a piece of furniture, then design is its soul. China has always been advocating original design, young people are more willing to choose beautiful, comfortable fashion furniture.

In recent years, the field of new Chinese style furniture frequently presents amazing design. New Chinese furniture emphasizes design very much. It is different from the Nordic style, American style and other Western imported products, but developed around the cultural context of China for thousands of years. Under the influence of local culture, consumers have a higher vision in choosing new Chinese style furniture. If an enterprise wants to survive, it must spend more time on design. This cycle makes new Chinese furniture "forced" to become the leader of modern furniture design.
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National pride awakened

Traditional Chinese culture is being reproduced in various ways. With the continuous attention of Chinese people to traditional culture, new Chinese style furniture seems to have become the cultural self cognitive symbol of contemporary people. And its concept of "inheritance and innovation" is the most authentic spiritual portrayal of contemporary young people. When the confidence of big country returns to the heart of this generation, the recognition of young consumers and self and the recognition of traditional culture make it easier for them to have unique feelings for new Chinese style furniture.

The development of each style reflects the needs of the times. Nowadays, there are good products in China, and there are also eyes to discover the beauty of domestic products. More people have withdrawn their eyes and turned to the domestic market. In the current real life, the fire of new Chinese style furniture can also be said to be stepping on the "tuyere".

But also, as more and more enterprises and dealers join the new Chinese market, the new Chinese elimination competition will speed up again in the cold winter of the market. Therefore, for the dealers who have not yet joined the board, the new Chinese style is the best choice, and perhaps the worst choice.