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Guangda wood - natural forest flooring sincerely invite you to participate in the Shanghai flooring exhibition

The 19th Shanghai international ground material exhibition is about to open. As a pioneer in the flooring industry, natural forest flooring will show its new products at the e2-1 C02 booth of Shanghai New International Expo Center. In the exhibition from March 21 to 23, the natural forest floor will show the blueprint of the flooring development we have outlined to the guests with a new attitude and enthusiastic service.

This exhibition, the natural forest is intended to give you a warm and romantic home. We hope that the floor is no longer a cold display, but let you feel its existence from all aspects. Here, looking at the floor is not only a enjoyment, but also a complete and fashionable home decoration style and learning experience. We hope that every floor and every board can let you feel its story from itself. It may come from the cold place in the northern hemisphere, but it can bring you warm and comfortable experience.

Guangda wood industry shows people not only product details and quality, but also high-quality service. We believe: the future will be a comfortable living environment. Our goal is not only to let consumers see the most authentic products, but also to show people the company's brand culture and pass on the core values of "green and environmental protection".

    Guangda wood industry has 16 years of wood floor production and manufacturing experience, with its own production of solid wood flooring, solid wood multi-layer wood flooring, laminate flooring services more than one million customers, is a flooring company that attaches great importance to product quality, technological innovation and has a profound cultural heritage. From the selection of raw materials, to the processing of semi-finished products, to the production line, packaging, transportation, are accompanied by strict quality system certification. We pursue excellent quality, offer high-quality products and meet the needs of various customers and different places in an all-round way.

The 19th exhibition will be held again in Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 21 to 23, 2017. At the exhibition, natural forest floor will provide all-round display products and technologies, and complete the whole industrial chain from production upstream to terminal after-sales service.

Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center
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Booth No
  E2-1 C02 booth

   Huzhou City Nanxun Guangda Wood Co., Ltd is an enterprise which specialized in wood flooring development, production and sales. The company introduced today`s advanced production equipment and latest technology to maintain us always at the international leading.
    We have 15 years of experience in brand development, and our brand and products are recognized and loved by customers. We focus on quality, pursuit the perfect, concerned about health…. Welcome new and old friends to participate in the 18th Domotex event in Shanghai, and our exhibition booth number is E2-1 C02, we are expecting you attending!