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Chairman's speech /Speech

       Guangda Wood Industry Co., Ltd. from the initial stage of its business to becoming a national leading enterprise in wood industry and realizing group management, we have gone through a struggle road paved with hard work and sweat. We thank all sectors of the community for their strong support and selfless care for Guangda, as well as the hardworking employees in all posts! Only with self-confidence and hard work can one achieve something, especially in an enterprise. There are thousands of boats competing in the vast sea of Commerce. Self confidence makes us more confident in this environment where competition and development coexist, opportunities and challenges coexist; Strive to let us learn to be down-to-earth and unremitting pursuit. With these two points, enterprises have taken root in development. It makes everyone in the enterprise shine the light of humanity and wisdom in their life and work, and makes our cooperators more confident to meet the future as we do. This is our wealth, but also our value, we provide customers with every piece of high-quality products power and faith.

      Excellent ideas come from excellent culture, and respecting people is the essence of profound corporate culture. The core of supporting the development of enterprises is to create a system of fair competition and priority. We are willing to provide a superior working environment and a stage for young people with lofty ideals and abilities to realize the value of life and jointly promote the greater development of Guangda.

      He is practical and earnest, tolerant and sincere, pursues extensive and profound, and has endless development. This is the fundamental principle of being a good person and doing things, and also our motto of continuous development. We will continue to strive for first-class quality and service, and create a win-win atmosphere of enthusiasm, openness, sincere cooperation and pioneering spirit. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit Guangda, seek common development and create brilliance.