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corporate culture /Corporate Culture

Corporate culture refers to the mission, vision, purpose, spirit, values and business philosophy gradually formed in the development of an enterprise, which is recognized and abided by by all employees and has the characteristics of the organization, as well as the sum of these ideas reflected in the production and operation practice, management system, employee behavior style and enterprise external image.

  •  Enterprise mission

    Enterprise mission

    Help customers create

    And maintain competitive advantage

  •  Enterprise values

    Enterprise values

    Customer first

    Active speed

    Communication without boundaries

  •  Enterprise tenet

    Enterprise tenet

    Create value for customers

    Create happiness for employees

    Create benefits for the society

  •  service idea

    service idea

    Customer is God

    Colleagues are also customers

    (service: no best, only better)

  •  Cost concept

    Cost concept

    Competition starts with cost

    It also ends with cost

    (price: no lowest, only lower)

  •  Quality concept

    Quality concept

    Quality is the life of an enterprise, only once

    (product: no best, only better)

 Learning culture

Learning culture

Pay attention to the overall improvement of employees' professional competitiveness, pay attention to the coordinated development of enterprises and employees, and encourage individual learning and self transcendence;

Provide professional, systematic and diversified internal and external training and learning opportunities for all employees to improve and improve their knowledge, skills, working methods, work attitude and work values.

 Reward culture

Reward culture

We should respect human value, develop human potential, improve incentive mechanism, restraint mechanism and fault tolerance mechanism, and continuously improve employee innovation ability, business ability and market competitiveness.

We should encourage innovative thinking, persist in continuous learning, and be good at learning from advanced models, experiences and methods so that everyone can create wealth for the enterprise.

 Health culture

Health culture

Comply with and meet the reasonable needs of human nature, advocate a positive, green and healthy lifestyle, care for the physical and mental development of employees.

Carry out all kinds of internal activities or competitions in enterprises, provide relevant sports courses regularly, improve the physical quality of employees, and actively respond to the national fitness strategy.

 Family culture

Family culture

Care and treat employees from all aspects of life, emotion and growth, build a platform for employees to realize their values and improve their happiness index.

People oriented, strive to provide employees with a good working, learning, living environment, regular organization of staff activities, so that they can fully feel the care and warmth of home.

 Innovation culture

Innovation culture

It is believed that innovation is the driving force for individuals and organizations to advance, and constantly use innovation as a means to gain competitive advantage;

Actively create an atmosphere to encourage innovation, and welcome and appreciate the new ideas, new methods, new designs and new developments;

Encourage curiosity about unknown things, be aware of changes with an open mind, and take the initiative to meet and respond to challenges.

 Institutional culture

Institutional culture

Scientific reward and punishment mechanism can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees in enterprise operation, and add strong power for the rapid development of the company.

We should attach great importance to the improvement of product quality and work quality, and realize high-quality products, scientific management and risk minimization in the rapid development.

Form and improve the target responsibility system and post responsibility system, decompose the responsibility of each post, each job responsibility and each project link to the post and specific person, so as to completely change the phenomenon that the work is not carried out but is not carried out.

Flexible management mode, organization more flat, flexible, to achieve product development, production, sales and service adhere to the market orientation.

 Sharing culture

Sharing culture

Advocate the spirit of selfless dedication and common progress, so that employees can better integrate their personal pursuit into the long-term development of the enterprise, and realize the consistent interests and common development of individuals and the company.

Enterprises regularly organize theme lectures or sharing activities to encourage employees to actively share knowledge, experience and methods, and implement the sharing concept to the local.

 Thanksgiving culture

Thanksgiving culture

Enterprises thank employees for their efforts, and constantly create better policies, work and living environment for their all-round development, and constantly promote employees' loyalty and dependence on the enterprise through the humanized assessment and incentive system.

Employees appreciate the affirmation of the enterprise, constantly improve their professional knowledge and skills, be grateful, act steadfastly, and strive to realize their own value and develop together with the enterprise.

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